Our Corporate Philosophy
We think it's time that VC(venture capital) is generally recognized in the foreign influence.
In other words,the general public becomes possible to invest in foreign exchange and funds,
and awareness of investment of the general public was adapted to be received naturally the word * venture *.

In recent years,
People are not satisfied with words alone.
People are demanding results and activities of venture.
And, venture companies are looking for a company who will be able to support then.
It's a reason why we had started up company.
Our Corporate Purpose
Our goal is an investment that general public can feel the the result.
We can invest company with a new business opportunity.
And, we can help to get the recognition of the business.

We will support you.
◆The capital gains by traded
◆Achievement in business
◆Contribution to society
◆Direction of the management
Our Management Policy
1.We make to consolidate the trust with individual investors.
2.We raise the corporate value of invested company.
3.We will do examination consistently, investment and support.
4.We will make a collaboration between venture companies.
5.We will Organize investment partnerships, and we meet the needs of customers.
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