Stock Fund
British Glory Gate has been putting effort into discovering and developing business venture. As an independent venture capital, it will not be interfered with the various interests. It will provide digging up of blue-chip company and examining of blue-chip company, making business model, advising in finance and management, services and consulting,consultings required for publicly traded and for listing venture business. In addition, it also support from the Pre-Listing.

■Attraction of private-equity-fund
  1. In the past,general companies were financing from the bank mainly. However, it has been raising money from investors since the Big Bang mainly. We expect that companies listed will increase. sharply in the future.
  2. However,it's almost impossible to general investors to get stock of companies that want to listing. It is normal that there is chance for only founders, and official suppliers,companies with large capital would get.
  3. We are investing in venture companies as investment fund. and,We will aim to secure and stable investment fund. we want to know that Market appeal to many people.
■It beginning from managemant team.
Our Survey is not just profitability and product.
Companies that have passed the standards are candidates,
we have determined by comparing the plurality of candidate further.
It's especially important to interviewing with its management.

■Stage of companies that have invested
We have been investing to companies known as middle-stage and late-stage.
In other words,its companies is that well-managed company.
We do not invest to some companies founded in early.
We think it's important for avoidance-of-risk and Investor-protetion.
Web service
The living environment of modern society, the Internet has been required. Meanwhile, businesses that will go the fastest growth in the era of the 21st century,it is said that online shopping. We will continue to invest with the aim of online shopping in the world scale.
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